Maricopa / Piipaash Native Americans

Maricopa Indian Photos by Edward S. Curtis
Tribal Summary
The men wore only the breech-cloth, which was woven of native cotton; face and body were painted white, black, and red. The women wore a piece of cloth wrapped about the body from the breast to the knees; they also painted face and body. Rawhide sandals were worn by both sexes. Men wore the hair long, usually twisted into strands, and uncut in front. Boys did not twist the hair. Women have always let the hair hang long and loose at the back and cut square in front. Both sexes now dress in factory garments.
The primitive circular house with four central crotch posts, sloping pole walls, and brush thatching covered with mud, identical with the Pima dwelling, was , and in many cases still is, used by the Maricopa.
The Maricopa, since they have been near neighbors of the Pima, have employed the same native foods as the latter: mesquite and screw-bean pods, cactus fruits, grass seeds, small game, and fish.

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