Keres Native Americans

Keres Indian Photos by Edward S. Curtis
The Keres Indians, a distinct linguistic stock, are found in seven pueblos, five of which are on the Rio Grande and its affluent Rio Jemez, and two nearly a hundred miles southwestward. The eastern group are Cochiti, Santo Domingo, and San Felipe on the Rio Grande, and Santa Ana and Sia on Rio Jemez. The western pueblos are Acoma and Laguna. The classification of the Keres as eastern and western is geographically correct, but linguistically it is inexact; for the Santa Ana dialect resembles that of Acoma and Laguna far more closely than it does the speech of the other eastern pueblos of the family.

Keres is the Anglicized form of Quirix (Queres), the name the Spaniards applied to this group. Its origin, undoubtedly native, is unknown.

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