Arapaho Native Americans

Arapaho Indian Photos by Edward S. Curtis
Tribal Summary
Men wore deerskin hip-leggings, moccasins, breech-cloth, occasionally the shirt and the buffalo-robe. Women wore moccasins, knee-leggings, and dress. Ornamentation was in porcupine-quills, paint, and beads, and on women’s dresses elk-teeth. Both sexes part the hair in the middle and braid it. Formerly the women permitted it to hang unbraided, and the men parted it in two lines from crown to temples, throwing back from the forehead the middle division. They assert that they originated this well-known and widely spread custom.
The Arapaho lived in the buffalo-skin tipi.
Buffalo, elk, antelope, and deer furnished meat, and service-berries, buffalo-berries, choke-cherries, and prairie-turnips were the commoner fruits and roots.

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