Comanche Native Americans

Comanche Indian Photos by Edward S. Curtis
Tribal Summary
Comanche men dressed in deerskin shirts, leggings and moccasins.  The women wore a one-piece deerskin dress and knee boots beautifully decorated with beads. They used many silver and shell ornaments bartered by traders, from whom they also procured vermilion, verdigris, and indigo for paints.
As they were largely nomadic tribe who wandered over a vast territory, they made use of the skin tipi almost exclusively.
Nothing was raised agriculturally. The buffalo furnished the main food supply.
Arts & Industries
Buffalo also gave the Comanche the material for household utensils, bones for scrapers, horn for spoons, the paunch for cooking utensils, sinew for thread, skin for tents and clothing, in fact almost everything needed from the cradle to the grave.
They played the familiar hoop-and-pole game and stick dice, and held archery contests.  The women played a form of lacrosse.

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